De Baak will be a residential building with 127 mid-priced rental homes in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, in the Geuzenveld-Slotermeer district. The rental starts Monday 26 September at 12:00 o’clock. Interested?


Mid-priced rental homes

EPC -0.25

Very sustainable

Approx. 60 - 85m²

Living areas

1 combined

Living room + patio

Together, smart and clear

With these 127 mid-priced rental homes, De Baak is helping meet the high level of demand for mid-priced rental homes in Amsterdam. De Baak is about togetherness. It connects, at different levels. Between immediate neighbours, the various residents, and the neighbourhood and the people who live there. There are communal spaces where De Baak residents can meet each other and people from the local area and where they can take part in joint activities.

Outside the building, too, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and take part in various activities. Amsterdam is a city with a large number of diverse households. The variety of layouts in the apartments in De Baak is very much in keeping with this diversity. There are also flats with room for work spaces downstairs, with the living areas upstairs. And the maisonettes are ideal for home-based businesses. De Baak is as diverse as the district in which it is located.


Project roadmap

The roadmap below shows the milestones that the project has reached.

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